Five years ago, I faced my first panic attack. After that, the next one and the next. I seek guidance in books, research, and finally, gut feelings brought me to yoga.

Yoga moved to awakeness, transformation, and returning to myself. It became a tremendous part of my life. I gained a certification in a breathing techniques course and became an accredited yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance. Soon I started to apply my knowledge and suddenly recognized that a countless number of people face the same or similar difficulties.

Therefore, I decided to combine my knowledge and experience in design with creative energy and Sawanté was born - to embrace femininity and celebrate mindful, wise, and sensual women.

We create uniquely designed, ergonomic, and high-quality yoga accessories which help both: beginners fall in love with yoga and advanced yogis to feel more comfortable & perform more challenging asanas. To inspire women, bloom femininity and confidence, we design feminine, timeless, and modern fashion clothes.

Handcrafted with love and responsibility in Lithuania.

With love,
Your Sawanté 🤍