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Sawanté is the little luxuries' Lithuanian brand, offering feminine garments & accessories for your daily rituals.

We create the highest quality products to lift your femininity and mind-body experience to the next level.

Ready as a Gift

Our garments arrive at you in a box or bag, that are 100% recyclable, inside of it - beautifully folded clothes, wrapped into a silk paper.

Just perfect romantic gift or a charming treat for yourself.  

Quality and enduring materials

Sawante Handmade Yoga Accessories

Sustainable and ethically made

Sawante Handmade Yoga Accessories

Handmade craftsmanship


Milana Jašinskytė | Milana Yoga school director

Sawanté bolsters were planned to be used at restorative yoga classes but we ended up using them in every class. Under the seat during meditation, under the knees during Savasana, for sacred rollings during rituals and teacher trainings, in some of the asanas as well. What was meant to be a tiny extra value for our students, has become another level of comfort at Milana Yoga studio.

Sawante Reviews

Sonata Šulcė | Business Consultant

One year ago, I started my journey to mindfulness through yoga and meditation. I considered how to create a safe and comfortable space for my everyday practice. Sawanté yoga & meditation cushion helped me so much because I found comfort and joy! Also, this beautifully designed and impeccable quality yoga & meditation cushion supports my better posture, which additionally provides relief to my lower back and general alignment.

Sawante Reviews

Albina Burbulienė | Yoga & meditation teacher

I could sincerely nominate YourSawanté as sensation of the year! I have never seen such a good combination of quality, design and colors! There are enough meditation pillows, bolsters and mats on the market, but eye-catching products of Sawanté will quickly conquer everyone without competition. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I sincerely recommend these products to those looking for quality, comfort, and beauty in their daily practices. Enjoy every moment with YourSawanté!

Sawante Reviews

Anton Gorelik | Physiotherapist

Major part of people do sedentary work and/or suffer from limited body mobility. This severely affects the core muscles, lower back, and causes pain. Meditation cushion allows not only to sit naturally and comfortably, but also, to reduce muscle tension and lower back pain. Good posture results in regular and deep breathing due to non-restrictive diaphragm. Bolster helps to stretch muscles naturally without stress and harm. I would recommend using it for asanas, stretching and pilates exercises, as well as, as a back support during meditation practice.


Sawanté was born to embrace femininity and celebrate mindful, wise, and sensual women.

We create uniquely designed, ergonomic, and high-quality yoga & meditation accessories which help both: beginners fall in love with yoga and advanced yogis to feel more comfortable & perform more challenging asanas.

To inspire women, bloom femininity and confidence, we design feminine, timeless, and modern fashion clothes.

Sustainable and handcrafted in Lithuania.

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